DataSixth delivered support services for your end users, means more time for your business

DataSixth break fix support services delivers a user experience incomparable to any other because our goal is your success. Whether through chat, email or phone, we make every piece of communication productive, monitoring repeat problems and holding ourselves accountable for the solutions we recommend. Whether something’s gone horribly wrong or you need a quick fix for a minor issue, one of the DataSixth 24/7/365 support technicians is dedicated to solving issues quickly and efficiently.

How We Differ

  • We view Customer Support differently here at DataSixth consulting. DataSixth delivered support Services is shining example of how we build a deep, trusted-relationship with you. It’s an opportunity for us to collaborate with you and your staff and optimize your IT investment.
  • Our support staff is committed to resolving your issues while our world-class engineers and consultants team with each other to assist you after the implementation of our cybersecurity solutions.
  • We offer both on-site and remote support using the DataSixth process for assessing, triaging, resolving, and reporting on issues.
  • We also leverage our expert status with our Partners and bring deep product knowledge and hands-on experience to you.
  • Our support engineers can also initiate a remote help session between their computer and the end user’s, so they can follow along as we solve the problem
  • o We review all the help calls with the client every month to evaluate issues, detect trends, and decide if additional hand-holding or training is needed.

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