DataSixth’s qualified security consultants will conduct internal and external pen testing of the following areas:

Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Our web application assessments provide the full spectrum of vulnerability enumeration including web server vulnerabilities, both known and unknown web application vulnerabilities. DataSixth penetration testers seek to provide visibility into the risks associated with application vulnerabilities ensuring sensitive information including credit cards, personal identifiable information (PII), and proprietary data.

Network (Internal/External) and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Our targeted network penetration testing ensures that the perimeter is properly defended and that the network is secure and free from malicious infection. Infrastructure penetration tests often include the testing of firewalls, switches, virtual and physical servers, and workstations.

Phishing & Social Engineering Testing Services

Our social engineering evaluations test your employees’ security awareness and behaviour while identifying opportunities for training and further protection. Our social engineering tests include phishing, vanishing, Smashing preloading and pretexting.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The application will be tested using a layered approach that includes Application functionality, Interaction with the device operating system and with remote services, such as web services and social media. Where appropriate, we will address application specific questions directly to the developers.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Our wireless pen testing services focus on the discovery of wireless access points, attempting to enumerate weaknesses in the wireless infrastructure.

Red Team Assessments

Unlike a traditional penetration test, our Red Team engagements assesses your cyber preventative controls, staff security awareness across multiple domains and challenges your Blue Team’s detection and response processes. Our goal in a red teaming engagement is to simulate real world threat actors, utilizing weaknesses in any aspect of your organisation – including your networks, applications, people, and the physical security of your facilities. Red team assessments have a broader scope than a traditional penetration test, with a focus on gaining access to resources, which are critical to your business.