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Tracks user behaviour and activities.


A decoy mimicking a target for attackers.

Logs, Events & Incident

Logs are footprints of every activity on a device.

End To End Encryption & Transport Layer Security

Data protected between the transport layer by encryption.

Onion Router (TOR)

Open-source software for enabling anonymous communications.

Are Traditional SOC Dead?

The features of the Modern SOC are SOAR, AI, AA, and ML.

Data Driven Event Per Second License VS Entity Monitored License

The ability to identify the unknown threats

Proprietary Data Lake VS Open Choice of Big Data

We offer you an open choice of big data.

SIEM & Security Analytics

Security analytic identifies unknown patterns & behaviors using machine learning.

SIEM & Threat Hunting

We provide you with Machine-Powered Human-Centric cyber resilient service.

Cryptocurrency Ban and its Economic implications

Using repeatable digital wallet, strong passwords to secure your cryptocurrency investment, and not falling prey to phishing attacks.

The differential features between SIEM & Security Analytics

The differential features between SIEM & Security Analytics

Is MSSP good for your business?

The four key criteria of Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Fresh Voters Registration, the place of data.

Data is King, quality sanitized data is gold – Michael Anyanwu

Who We Are

We provide customers resilience and Cybersecurity Peace of mind – Michael Anyanwu