Our co-managed or hybrid model for ArcSight provides FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY, and COST SAVINGS for businesses. Our hybrid ArcSight services enables organizations to maximize the value from ArcSight investments and enhance security event monitoring capabilities while retaining control and flexibility.

While taking full responsibility of your ArcSight infrastructure, we take over the cybersecurity responsibilities and cyber-defence functions you want a managed service provider to handle. Our goal of is to provide co-managed services with 24/7 SOC monitoring with their existing ArcSight (or any other log management or SIEM) platform.

Hybrid ArcSight Benefits

DataSixth delivered consulting provides hybrid SOC as a service. Our cyber security experts will work with your in-house security or technical team to

  • Troubleshoot and enrich your existing ArcSight log feeds
  • Integrate more log sources from security, network, applications, systems...etc.
  • Flex connector build and content authoring
  • Build contents and provide for scheduled and ad-hoc reporting
  • Defining monitoring goals pivoted against policy driven events of interest
  • Assist in leading incident investigation and response with Arcsight.
  • Tune, optimise and improve your ArcSight SIEM performance
  • Demonstrate SIEM/SOC intelligence to management and stake holders