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Galaxy Backbone partners with DataSixth Consulting to deliver Cyber Security-As-A- Service (SECaaS)

As  the  cybersecurity  threat  landscape  becomes  more  complex,  organizations  are struggling   to   keep   their   data   and   applications   secure.   Galaxy   Backbone and DataSixth (a pure-play MSSP) today announced they are entering into a partnership to address the myriad of cyber threats.

Forrester defines pure play providers as MSSPs who typically started life as an MSSP. For most of them, this is still their core (if not sole) method of client engagement. As a result,  they  come  with  a  robust  set  of  dedicated  security  capabilities,  analytics  and reporting capabilities, and automation and orchestration.


Galaxy  Backbone  MSSP  offering  will  help  MDAs  &  private  sector  organisation  to overcome their security challenges so teams can focus on important and fluctuating business initiatives. Galaxy Backbone MSSP delivers:

  Enhanced visibility through real-time monitoring of your network traffic and malicious activity

  Sleep insurance knowing your environment has ‘eyes on glass’ 24x7x365.

  Access to cybersecurity experts who have a deep understanding of today’s threat landscape and the latest security technologies available.

Together, both companies will enable MSSP services to MDAs leveraging its SECaaS (security-as-a-service) to deliver cyber resilience capabilities. The partnership offers a  variety  of  cybersecurity  capabilities,  from  proactively  hunt  for  cyber  threats,  to forensic analysis, incident response and provision of threat remediation plans.

The benefit of this new partnership covers service offerings such as:

   Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS)

   State of art SIEM (managed and leveraged)

 Ransomware mitigation & security automation

 Threat intelligence and Darkweb monitoring

 Security assessment, VAPT & forensic

 Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

 Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

  White label services

DataSixth  founder  Michael  Anyanwu  said,  “We  are  excited  about  the  prospect  of joining  in  partnership  with  Galaxy  Backbone  at  this  critical  stage  of  our  growth journey.  In  our  opinion,  Galaxy  Backbone  has  an  enormous  potential  to  set  new standards  in  cyber  security  including  providing  managed  detection  and  response services, security analytics and data protection across the country and Africa at large”

DataSixth SOCaaS tracks, identifies and responds to cyber events in real-time and is supported   by   security   analysts   who   perform   threat   detection,   analysis   and remediation. It also offers cyber threat intelligence and forensic capabilities and uses a “timely alerting” process to reduce false-positive alerts.

The overall purpose of this partnership is to, “strengthen the national cyber posture, increase cybersecurity resilience, the efficiency and quality of public administration service   in   Nigeria”   says   Prof.   Muhammad   Bello   Abubakar   MD/CEO.   “The requirement  for  enabling  cybersecurity  services  in  today’s  ever-changing  threat landscape  is  becoming  an  increasing  national  level  priority.  Galaxy  Backbone’s relentless focus on delivering expert solutions as a government trusted advisor to its clients,  means  that  the  business  is  ideally  placed  to  deliver  cyber  resilience  and threat reduction”.

In  reaching  this  vision  for  the  nation,  Galaxy  Backbone  believes  the  expanded services  in  cybersecurity  ensures  that  “end  customers  are  provided  best  in  class cybersecurity services and to be the clear choice for cybersecurity, tied to its multi- layered   cloud   solution   that   safeguards   organizations   against   malware   and contains and stops data breaches in real-time.”

About DataSixth

DataSixth  delivers  Cybersecurity  Intelligence.  With  our  unique  capabilities,  we’re able  to  deliver  value,  deliver  answers,  and  deliver  actionable  security  intelligence. Our  approach  to  delivering  security  intelligence  enhances  your  security  program, simultaneously improves effectiveness and secures critical assets, so you can deliver better and more predictable business outcomes of your core service portfolios.

Our skilled cyber security specialists are dedicated to providing expertise in Security and  Risk  Consulting,  Managed  Security  Services,  Managed  Detection  &  Response with  our  Cyber  defence  Security  Operations  Centre  (CSOC),  IT  Security  Audit  & Penetration Testing. For more information on DataSixth cybersecurity services, visit

About Galaxy

Galaxy Backbone is the information technology and shared services provider of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is over a decade since its inception. During these past years, technology has changed significantly across Nigeria and the world. This can  be  seen  and  felt  not  just  in  the  private  sector,  but  across  the  public  sector agencies and institutions for which Galaxy Backbone was set up to enable and deliver technology services.

We  are  changing  the  way  we  conduct  our  operations  and  becoming  more  service oriented  and  customer  focused.  We  believe  we  are  better  positioned  to  help  the public agencies and institutions as well as the private sector we serve, attain their technology objectives. For more information on Galaxy services, visit

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