Contact DataSixth Consulting to Begin Your Investigation

Our experienced consultants will help guide your steps both during and after the incident.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Depending on the loss from your breach, insurance may be of major importance. We encourage you to keep your insurance agent informed when dealing with a breach.

Digital Breach Response Services

Detecting the breach is the first step. The second step is to perform a digital forensic investigation to determine what happened as well as the extent of the breach. Recovery of data can be complicated, and it requires both technical expertise as well as knowledge of evidence preservation techniques to ensure it can be admitted in court. DataSixth’s team of digital forensics analysts follow rigorous guidelines and incident response procedures to ensure successful identification, preservation, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence.

Digital Breach Response Services Includes
  • Data and Security Breach Investigation
  • Intellectual Property Theft Investigations
  • Data Recovery and Preservation
  • Evidence Validation and Review
  • Malware Analysis Security Breach Post-mortem Security Breach Remediation Security Breach Report Security Breach Monitoring Security Breach Simulation Security Breach Forensic Data Breach Compliance Cyber Security Data Breach Response
On-Demand Incident Response Services

If you suspect a breach, call DataSixth. We can provide complete IR and forensic support to preserve evidence, establish root cause, and prevent further attacks.

Incidents DataSixth can investigate include:

  • Data breach from hacking, malware, or ransomware
  • Employee theft, misuse, and blackmail
  • Industrial or nation-state espionage
  • Payment card abuse or theft
  • Mobile device theft, breach, or misuse
  • Insider threats
  • Suspicious employee behaviour or threats

Your IR engagement can include:

  • Acquisition of forensically sound images of affected systems
  • Acquisition of supporting log, event, and informational data
  • Interviews of relevant staff
  • Investigation of the incident, establishing the root cause
  • Attribution of the attack if possible, with subsequent investigation of involved threat actors
  • Establishment of a legal chain of custody
  • Storage of forensic images for up to 12 months
  • Collaboration with law enforcement and legal counsel
  • Assessment of the business risks and qualification of those risks
  • Development of an incident response report
  • Provision of guidance and recommendations to avoid similar incidents in the future
Incident Response Retainer

An IR retainer establishes the contractual framework needed to allow DataSixth to respond instantly to a suspected breach. Your Incident Response Retainer includes

  • On-demand investigation, analysis, or review of suspicious activity
  • Service level agreements for on-site work
  • A discounted rate for IR work
  • Integration with your IR escalation plan
Incident Response Program Assessment

Looking to assess the effectiveness of your IR program? DataSixth offers a complete set of IR testing services, including control strength effectiveness and tabletop incident exercises.