Datasixth Security Consulting

Cyber Defense Security Operations Center

Security operations is a journey, attaining different levels of maturity is a time taking process. Having bottle necks on scaling, you are just starting your SOC or your SOC is struggling with resource management and Burnouts. This service is just for you. We combine cutting-edge technology with human insight. DataSixth CSOC services is provided as ‘software-as-a-service’ model combining flexibility with secure in-house & cloud hosted services. Delivering SaaS solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware appliances and their associated costs to be integrated into your infrastructure. This increases power, flexibility and resilience than traditional SIEM & SOC deployments.

Our Highlights

Here are five specific reasons you should consider DataSixth’s Cyber Defense Security Operations Center service

  • Best skilled Analysts and Hybrid SOC environment with multiple Analytics

  • Cost Effective , All you can send data Ingesion

  • Industry leading usecase Framework

  • Collabarative approach . proper L1,L2 and L3 structure

  • 24/7 and pinpointed mitigation suggestions

Key Technical Benefits

What you can expect from the DataSixth Cyber defense security operations center (CSOC) Service

Maturity levels
Multiple solutions
Long term Solutions
Immediate workarounds