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ChannelSOC FAQ

Why subscribe to DataSixth MSSPCAS (Managed Security Service Partner ChannelSOC Accelerator Service)?

Forming long-term relationships with our partners is a key business priority for us. We give special attention to the needs of smaller and mid-sized businesses who we believe are increasingly interested in more effective IT security measures. Our world-class MSSPCAS ensures that the lack of massive budgetary capital of SME’s doesn’t mean they don’t deserve great security.
We offer SOC-as-a-service as a subscription that you as the MSP platform or company seeking security are in total control of. Our flexible monthly and quarterly pricing model means you don’t have to put off getting the managed security your end customers need. Our services give you freedom, least restrictive and very expansive yet modular.
Our technology, processes, the people, along with easy to deploy solution ensures we can start protecting your customers quickly with a straightforward subscription model. We also offer a very popular white-label service that allows MSPs and cybersecurity resellers to offer top managed security at low cost under their own brand.
Above all, we offer
Free demonstration on-demand, ad hoc and scheduled.
Free (security and SOC) readiness assessment.
Free One-week network vulnerability assessment.
Along with a popular white-label services for MSPs under their own brand.

What Technology vendors does DataSixth MSSPCAS Support?

DataSixth MSSPCAS is a flexible and affordable SOC-as-a-service that integrates seamlessly with existing stack of toolsets into a single pane and delivering cross-platform Cyber-Intelligence. designed to work with a variety of technologies and environments. Our platform collects telemetry from networks, systems, servers, applications and cloud.

Would I Have A Dedicated Channel Manager?

Yes, a dedicated ChannelSOC account manager will assist on a 1-on-1 basis and will act as a one-stop resource for all marketing, training and education support. The account manager will provide guidance, support and full availability of technical product information, prospect scoping guidelines, value propositions and more.

What Sales and Marketing Support Will Be Provided?

Your Channel Manager assists in scoping, demos, sizing and more to help make it easy to engage and close. Training and going to market together will be part of standard empowerment offering. Marketing support includes supporting with press releases, webinars and events.

Would an Investment be required for the DataSixth MSSPCAS?

No, there is zero investment! A known fact is that SOC build certainly costs millions and takes skills and expertise along with years to build. Begin monetizing our CSOC and Cyber services with no up-front investment. Generate income without the significant investment costs for hardware, processes, SOC tools and staff, while delivering managed security your end customers.

Will Training and Empowerment be Provided to MSSPCAS Partners?

Yes, DataSixth ChannelSOC program will empower your technical team ensuring they understand the components of the solution, service portfolio, SIEM-SOC pitching techniques and technical benefits of managed services. This ensures your technical team understand requirements and would be able to give a high-level pitch.