The ELK stack is a log management platform consisting of Elasticsearch (deep search and data analytics), Logstash (centralized logging and parsing), Kibana (powerful data visualizations), as well as other products like Shield (Security), Watcher (Alerting), Marvel (Monitoring), and Graph (collectively known as X-Pack). The Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats) is the world’s most popular open source log analysis platform. With downloads growing from 25m to 55m year over year, Elastic Stack is quickly overtaking existing proprietary solutions and becoming THE first choice for companies shopping for log analysis and management solutions.


Our Elasticsearch Consulting service accelerates the delivery of your Elasticsearch project.As an official Elastic partner, DataSixth brings a decade of search and big data analytics experience and a global support team to deliver:


We design, deploy the Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats (Elastic Stack) to meet various business use cases: from search-powered big data analytics platform to big data log analytics and other modern business applications.

To minimize system disruptions, our proactive managed services also brings you a full range of application hosting options for high uptime and disaster recovery measures.

  • Within your corporate security infrastructure
  • In the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Elastic Cloud (formerly Found), Google Cloud, or other cloud-based platforms
  • A hybrid approach to support both on-premise and cloud-based environments

Design, Implementation and Strategy Consulting

Collaboratively review the overall technical approach, existing search service code, and Elasticsearch document structure. Identify potential improvements and help execute as needed. Best Practices Service offering includes


Easily visualize your data. Every Elasticsearch cluster comes with dashboard plugins preinstalled plus hosted Kibana. Pipe data from MongoDB, SIEM, beats or directly from Twitter into Elasticsearch for analysis in Kibana.


Add lightning-fast full text search to your site and easy to use data visualization that can scale to TBs and beyond. DataSixth for Elasticsearch has got you covered.


Get clusters on dedicated containers with 24x7x365 support by real engineers. Data migration is always included. DataSixth makes it easy to focus on your application while we worry about the database.


Get affordable prices for large datasets with free 24/7 premium support and maintenance.You're fully backed with a SLA, a dedicated support team, and fully managed upgrades and migrations.

Architecture & Design

Create a robust solution based on your use case, data volume, growth needs, business requirements, and other X factors.

Deployment Assistance

From orchestration to configuration management, we help you set up and activate all the bells and whistles for your test or production environment.

Fully managed upgrades and migrations

Upgrading to the newest Elasticsearch version has never been so easy. Our support team will work with you and follow up to make sure there are no issues with your cluster upgrade.

Add or remove plugins on demand

Want to add the newest plugin on the block to your existing Elasticsearch cluster? With DataSixth managed services, it's as easy as contacting our consulting team and we'll take care of the rest.