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Advisory and Consulting Services

Advisory and Consulting Services

As our mission says we do it with at most transparency which marks key to any consulting services. Cybersecurity strategy, guidance, and execution we do it all. Explore more about the services we offer


Our Services

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Cybersecurity Incident Response
Readiness and Automation Consulting

Cybersecurity Incident Response Readiness and Automation Consulting

With the increasing frequency of business-impacting crises we at DataSixth believe that this is the year when businesses should have to test their cyber incident response plans and see if they even work.

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Security Operations Maturity
Analysis and Consulting

Security Operations Maturity Analysis and Consulting

Security operations is a journey, attaining different levels of maturity is a time taking process. We will help your organization to accelerate this journey.

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Security Solution Design
and Implementation

Security Solution Design and Implementation

Datasixth security solution design and Implementation is for customers who are looking for security solution implementations and struggling with a question of solution will be best fit for your environment and can be optimized to your needs. Do not worry we are here to help you to make the right decision which is tailored fit to address the challenges you are facing.

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Security Operations
Gap Analysis

Security Operations Gap Analysis

Many Organizations struggle to see ROI on the investment gone into different security objectives. This can happen due to many reasons, process issues, misconfigurations, design issues, scalability issues and so on.

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Compliance Audit Consulting

Compliance Audit Consulting

A new audit is around the corner? We can help you reach the standards. We understand the pain points of addressing the findings of an audit, understanding the findings and we can be a bridge to implement them technically.


Threat Modelling

Threat Modelling

Many organizations start running into use cases without knowing which one is to be prioritized before. This is where our Threat modelling service will help you to find the priority based on the threats which your organization might face based on Industry, processes and technologies in use.

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DataSixth vCISO consulting services is targeted towards small-to-medium sized business that takes data, systems and information security seriously, but does not have the resources for a dedicated executive within budget. Bringing in a vCISO will improve the security posture of the organization. This service provides cybersecurity strategy, guidance, and oversight. Operating with an independent voice, and get the job done quickly, ensuring that your businesses have access to executive cybersecurity expertise, anytime and anywhere